Making a scene “SCENE”

Making a scene is something we directors try to do with every take. I try to study classics to see a scene that stands out. AMC shows some pretty cool movies, but in my mind, nothing beats THE GOOD, THE BAD, and THE UGLY. Sure, I hate the fact that there is no female lead or supporting character in the film which

Lex Kelly (left) with Kassandra Roach in THE HIT MAKER

really sicks;  but aside from that, it’s a true classic and great film to study when it comes to studying a scene.  Just about every scene was “a scene” even though most of the story revolved around just two guys (Blondie and Tuco).

I learned that an actor can take a little scene and make it into a great scene if they maximize the situation. Lex Kelly taught me that when he played the role of the moronic Miami rap star Vinny of the Ruthless Crew in THE HIT MAKER, a fictioanal documentary story that follows the activities and exploits of a group of young, up and coming recording artists from Miami from 2008-2010. Every time we filmed his scenes, which were few and far between, Lex killed it. He created a character that was pure  and idiotic and made my simple little script from a no-budget film idea a moment that you either love or hate. Somehow, he made this character a “person” who thought he was smart and aheadof the curve, but when he did his interviews, everything came off wrong. In the photo above, Vinny is being interviewed during Super Bowl Weekend (2009). We were on location outside the stadium where the game was only days away and Lex was is true form. Not only did he nail his lines on the first take, but he was ready to improvise when I needed him to and after we filmed that scene, I asked him to do more improvisation. That’s when the magic happened because he allowed himself to “let go” and literally “made a scene.

Lex Kelly (L) with Dominique Ward (as Shaye) and David Lovelace in THE HIT MAKER

In another scene Lex stole a scene which featured a fictional photo shoot with his on screen label-mate Shaye LaVille and his numb skull rap partner. Lex again brought the scene to life, even though had only had a few lines. When we improvised, the scene took on a completely new effect, one that made ot look all the more like a documentary capturing a foolish, rich, musclebound rap star looking to get into trouble.

I find myself watching his scenes over and over again because he had such a small role in the film. As I write new scripts, I want to make this guy a lead in a future comedy I’d love to produce. I’m sure you understand my reasoning behind this idea.Check out THE GOOD, THE BAD, and THE UGLY, and watch Tuco and Blondie make their scenes come alive as they deepen their characters with every scene. Enjoy.




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One Response to Making a scene “SCENE”

  1. Lex Kellt says:

    Thanks Tony, I appreciate the affirmation brother, and the opportunity to allow my talent to be nurtured, grow,and flourish! Much love!

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