Dr. Strange leads three top opening weekend films.

HOLLYWOOD SPOTLIGHT  predicted that Dr. Strange would overwhelm the competition in its opening weekend in theaters. Dr. Strange, along with two other newcomers landed in the top three  spots for the weekend box office earnings. Dr. Strange, TROLLS and Hacksaw Ridge were the top box office performers this past weekend with Boo, A Madea Halloween and Inferno rounding out the top five. Moonlight, the sleeper independent breakout film made in Miami, Florida finished the weekend at an impressive number eleven spot.

Dr. Strange is riding the tide of great reviews and lots of happy Marvel fans that propelled the movie to a dominant Number one spot earning $84.99 million in 3882 theaters. Trolls earned $45.60 million  which exceeded industry expectations.

Hacksaw Ridge has a powerful marketing push three weeks prior to its weekend released with the film earning $14.75.


Rarely do three opening rank in the top three earnings positions but each of the films offered something different to a diverse segment of movie-goers.
The combination of a dynamic, eye-popping sci-fi adverture along with a sassy yet adorable childrens film and a an unflinching war film all did what they were meant to do.



After watching and reviewing Dr. Strange, there was little doubt in the minds of the press and pre-release screenings with audiences leaving the theaters with plenty of excitement. Trolls was another surprise as Dreamworks continues to work its magic.

“Moonlight” has been an audience favorite at films festivals and screenings across the nation with emotional reviews and early buzz for awards season recognition. in spite of its highly-favorable reviews, film industry insiders noted that the film would have a tough time placing in the top 20. downloadWithout a monster marketing and promotions budget, it looked unlikely, but social media raves and word of mouth among fans pushed the film into the 11th spot earning $3.9 million in only 83 theaters. Its great to witness a little film do big things and this success story breaths life into the urban small film genre since it connected so well with audiences.