The meaning of Hollywood


The LMG family – Woodie Lesesne, Tony C. Lesesne, Alexander Lesesne and Cameron Lesesne

Hollywood is more than a location, its a spirit; a mindset; the ability to get movies done by leveraging collaborative efforts. We had an opportunity during the Miami Media and Film Market (MMFM)  to host a small reception for individuals we consider among our closest supporters for more than a decade at the Biltmore Hotel in Coral Gables Florida.


back row – Randy DeWitt (executive and photographer), Mike Cortes (actor) front row – Alicia Couri (actor/author) and Sue-Ann Robinson-Caddy (attorney & on-camera talent)

We were excited to allow our guests to talk speak to one another about thier reasons for supporting us as well as what they want to see us achieve in the future as it relates to media, film and entertainment.


Having fun (pictured clockwise) Brenda Lara, Henry Isaac, Rolin Gordon, Tony C. Lesesne, Alicia Couri, Sue-Ann Robinson-Caddy and Samuel Robinson

Those guests included actors with whom we have worked with as well as stake holders and our own LMG Team.

The highlight of the evening was clearly the screening of a few of our short films that we have completed over the past 3 years. Those films included work by each of us on our core team; Alex, Cameron, Tony and Woodie Lesesne, as well as mike Cortes, Cliff Townsend and newcomers like Henry Isaac and Alicia Couri.

But the real focus was on the future, which includes a comprehensive entertainment web channel with movies, lifestyle content, and entertainment news, as well as entertaining events and workshops. The broader effort includes our aggressive goals to create more feature films and documentaries.


We thank those at the MMFM and come a call for providing us a platform of support. That also applies to CAMACOL, an organization that clearly understands the value of supporting the local filmmaker and its community. 20160608_214415That point was driving home with an amazing array of workshops and networking events that also brought individuals from the UK, Poland, China another international destinations. We look forward too much much more.

To stay in the loop about new shows and future films, events and workshops, connect on line at



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